Warren, VT Horse Farm

Warren Horse Farm

A horse farm and its fencing amidst beautiful fall foliage in Warren, Vermont

Although I enjoyed my time in the Adirondacks, the lack of flow in the rivers and the extreme morning fog caused me to shorten my stay there by a day. I had always planned to spend the last two or three days in Vermont, but the conditions in New York caused me to move on a bit faster than I had planned. I knew from my observations and from some internet posts I had viewed that color in Vermont was quite good. So, I cut my stay in Lake Placid a day short and drove on over to neighboring Vermont.

As always, I had some specific locations in mind to shoot, but my plan was to freestyle a bit in between those locations hoping to find some other beautiful places to shoot. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had caught the fall foliage in central Vermont at or near its peak. On my first day in Vermont I was planning to focus on capturing images of some of the covered bridges in the area hopefully surrounded by fall foliage.

I choose to eschew interstates as much as possible on these trips. Going east to west in Vermont that wasn’t a difficult choice. The gap roads are often the most direct way to get from town to town even if not always the fastest way. This was certainly the case as I found myself needing to drive from Warren to Roxbury.

As I headed out of Warren over the mountain to Roxbury, this scene presented itself to me. I drove past initially until I had one of those photographer thoughts. “Stop! That’s beautiful! Turn the car around now!” So, I listened to the voice and turned the car around quickly. Fortunately, the scene was just as beautiful as I thought it would be.

I shot a who series of images, but I decided that this one was the keeper of the bunch. I used an aperture of f/11 and chose a point on the fence to make my focal point. I wanted the fence and barn to be in focus but the background to be a bit soft. This combination worked well for that purpose. I don’t normally like so much direct sunlight in my images, but in this case it really enhances the vibrant colors in the trees and the green of the grass. I really like how the fence leads my eye into the scene. I hope you enjoy the image, too. Thanks for stopping by.



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