Alley of Oaks in Spring

Alley of Oaks in Spring

A lush carpet of green grass grows beneath this beautiful alley of oaks in Hollywood, SC

I posted an image from Hollywood, SC a few days ago. The image was of a beautiful alley of oaks leading to a beautiful house by the Edisto River. I presume that the property was a plantation site at some point based on its location. I don’t know that for certain, but whomever planted the alley of oaks certainly planned to be there for a while.

This image is of the other side of the oaks. Usually the manicured part of these alleys is the part between the trees. As there is in this location, a road usually runs through the alley. I suppose the intent is to impress guests by leading them through some magnificent landscape before they arrive at the home of the owner. In this case, the other side of the alley is equally impressive. The oaks overhang a lush green lawn making for a wonderful contrast between the deep browns and greens of the oaks and the vibrant green of the grass.

This location is like a Beatles 45 record (now I’m showing my age). The B side is often just as fun to listen to as the A side. I hope you enjoy this image nearly as much as a classic by the Beatles!



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