SCCA at Road Atlanta

SCCA at Road Atlanta

An Audi R8 at Road Atlanta during the SCCA race in March 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve created a blog post. That’s partially because life has been very, very busy and because I had pretty much run through my backlog of images that I wanted to share. There’s still a few in the archive that I’m working on, but now I’m getting out more to shoot. It’s not that there isn’t anything to shot in the winter, but my eye certainly is drawn to the colors of spring, summer, and fall more than the monochrome of winter.

This image came from a recent outing to Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA. The track is a world-class race facility that hosts a variety of races and classes of cars. I’ve shot there before, but I never captured any images that I really loved. I made a ton of images that I love this time out. I may share some more in the future, but I wanted to get this one out there.

I really enjoy looking for different subjects to capture. I truly enjoy capturing landscapes, but variety truly is the spice of life. I find that if I shoot concerts, races, architecture, or other subjects, when I return to landscapes I enjoy them even more. So, enjoy the race photo and let me know what you think. But, soon I’ll be back to posts of my favorites. Enjoy.


Palouse Homeplace


Palouse Homeplace

Houses are few and far between in certain parts of the Palouse

I mentioned earlier that the Palouse is sparsely inhabited. The population density of Whitman County – one of the large counties entirely contained by the Palouse – is 19 people per square mile. I can assure you that if you were to remove Pullman and one or two other towns, that density would be closer to one person per square mile. Once on the back roads it isn’t unusual to find farms surrounded by hundreds or thousands of acres of fields.

The back roads around Oakesdale are good examples of this. We spent a couple of hours exploring a series of farm roads that ran between two major paved roads. While we were back there we saw exactly one other vehicle. While there were cars on the main roads, there was almost no one on the unpaved roads. This image is from the Oakesdale area. We were driving on the road leading toward the home on the hill in the right side of the frame. I took this image because the combination of blue sky, white clouds, green fields, and the farm house captured the mood of the area we were exploring.

The one car that we did encounter was occupied by a friendly lady who lived in the area. I suppose she wanted to make sure that we weren’t up to mischief, but even then she was very friendly and engaging. As we discussed the remoteness and beauty of her region, she described it as God’s country. After spending a few days in the Palouse, I certainly would agree with her. Enjoy.


I’m Looking Through You

I'm Looking Through You

The oval holes in this rail car allowed me to see through to the sloping hills beyond

I’m always trying to think of some catchy phrase when thinking of titles for my photographs. All too often, I settle for ‘Flower in Garden’ or something incredibly obvious like that. So, with apologies to the Beatles, I’ve taken this title. It does seem appropriate, though, doesn’t it?

For much of the Washington trip, we really didn’t have an agenda. We knew of two or three sights to see in any given day. Or, we knew where we wanted to begin or end the day. For much of the rest of the day, we took wandering routes looking for new images to capture. This image is a result of some of that rambling.

As we drove through southeast Washington, we saw many miles of railroad track. The railroads appear to be the principal means for shipping crops to market in these parts. Generally speaking, the grain silos are located adjacent to a track. The crops are loaded from the silos onto container cars and carried to ports for processing or to be shipped overseas. I think we both had the idea to stop at about the same time. As our car passed we could see through the slots of these cars to the fields beyond. There had to be an image in there somewhere.

I don’t know what type of car this is. I suspect it has to do with carrying lumber since it is a BC (British Columbia) Rail car. I don’t know that for certain though. If anyone reading knows what they are used to haul, I’d certainly like to find out. I spent the first few minutes just looking at the possibilities. I knew that I wanted to capture an image that showed the landscape beyond through the rail car. I took several images close up with just one or two of the ovals and the hillside beyond. I tried to isolate the ovals so that no writing was apparent in the shot. I thought it would be neat to make an abstract image where the viewer didn’t really know what he was looking at. In the end, I settled on this image as my favorite. I love the contrast of blue sky and green field and the juxtaposition of the ovals against the gently curving hillside in the background.

I included one of the closeup shots below. I hope you enjoy one or both of them.

I'm Looking Through You - closeup

A closeup view of a rail car in Farmington, WA