Oakland Cemetery

Spring in Oakland Cemetery

Spring in Oakland Cemetery

Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery and the colors of spring

Another go-to location for me in the spring is Oakland Cemetery. I suppose some people find hanging out in cemeteries a bit creepy, but historic cemeteries are some of the most beautiful locations in many cities. That’s certainly the case at Oakland.

Atlanta is not a very old city compared to many cities I’ve visited. It was only founded in 1837, but quickly rose to national prominence as a transportation hub. Therefore, no grave in the cemetery predates the 1840s or so. But, in that time lots of prominent Atlantans have been buried here – some in quite impressive mausoleums or with ornate grave markers.

The real attraction at Oakland for me is the riot of color that emerges in spring. Dogwood, azalea, camellia, and dozens of other flowering shrubs, trees, and other plants seem to peak at the same time. Along with some of the beautiful grave markers, statues, and mausoleums, it becomes quite an interesting place to shoot.

I made two different trips to Oakland this spring. I was fortunate to have overcast skies and cool temperatures on both visits. As I’ve mentioned often, those are my favorite shooting conditions. The clouds create a giant soft box to keep harsh shadows and highlights at bay. Hopefully, the resulting images convey some sense of the beauty of Oakland in the spring. Enjoy.