Golden Gate Bridge in Fog

Golden Gate Bridge in Fog

The graceful Golden Gate Bridge extends into the fog of a cool San Francisco summer evening

This is likely my last post from our California adventure this past summer. And, yes, I know that I’ve already posted an image of the Golden Gate Bridge. But, this one was beautiful enough that I couldn’t resist ending with it.

You see, I had already captured some pretty nice images of the bridge (Golden Gate Bridge and Summer Fog), but I had another image in mind. What I wanted to capture was a night shot of the bridge with a flow of traffic as one continuous light stream. We went to the parking area on the city side of the bridge and I actually found the spot that I needed to get the shot. Unfortunately, that location was completely fogged in and the shot I had visualized just wasn’t there that night.

So, I had to improvise. I began to scout around until I found another angle that would work. Although you can’t see the traffic flow from here, you can see the arch of the bridge deck as it spans San Francisco Bay. You can’t see the towers either, but you I love the way that they disappear into the gloom and fog above. I cranked up my aperture to f/22 to lengthen the exposure yielding beautiful, creamy water below in the bay and a lovely starburst on all the lights visible across the bridge.

All in all, I like the shot – even though it wasn’t what I had in mind originally. Enjoy.


Emerging from the Fog

Emerging from the Fog

Colorful trees on a foggy day in the Adirondacks

All of the mornings that I spent in the Adirondacks this fall season started out foggy. Sometimes the fog was an aid in my photography and sometimes it ruined my plans. That’s just the way it is with landscape photography. You have to adapt to the conditions that you are dealt.

I had planned to shoot for at least one full day in the streams in the region. Unfortunately, the weather in late summer and early fall was very dry and the rivers had slowed to a trickle. They simply didn’t have the flow I needed to capture the images I had in mind. So, I changed gears. I explored other locations looking for examples of fall foliage at its peak.

This shot was taken after exploring a nearby lake for shots. Walking back up the hillside from the lake, this shot emerged. The fog was lifting slowly and these trees were less obscured than the ones in the distance. Fortunately for me, each tree was at the peak of its color change and still had the majority of its leaves. The lifting fog made for a unique and ethereal background. It wasn’t the shot I had anticipated taking that morning, but it turned out pretty well. Enjoy.

Birch and Maple

Birch and Maple

The beautiful, peeling, white bark of the birch trees contrasts wonderfully with the orange and yellow of surrounding maple trees

It’s not a technically perfect image and I don’t love the old piece of lumber formerly used to nail a sign to the middle birch tree, but I do love the contrast of color and texture in the image. This is yet another example of the brilliant fall color to be found all around the incomparable Adirondacks. Enjoy.

Fall in the Adirondacks

Fall in the Adirondacks

A forest scene from Lake Placid, New York in the heart of the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks

I almost didn’t post this image because it’s so simple. But, the more I’ve looked through my images from the Adirondacks, the more this one grew on me. So, here is a very simple image of a forest scene near Lake Placid of foliage at the peak of fall color. It may be simple but it’s beautiful to me. Enjoy.

Keene Valley Barn

Keene Valley Barn

The fading red paint of this wonderful old barn was perfectly complemented by the fall colors in the Adirondacks

As I’ve mentioned often, one of my favorite aspects of a photography trip is the unexpected image that inevitably presents itself. The first half of my fall trip was in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. I based out of Lake Placid and made side trips out from there each day. Many of the spots that I had pre-selected based on my research were in the Keene Valley.

At the intersection of two heavily traveled roads in the Keene Valley stood this old barn. I passed it several times and made a mental note that in the right light it could be an interesting image. So, on one of the mornings in the area I headed toward the old barn hoping to catch some glorious morning light as it first kissed the weathered red paint and classic architecture of the barn. Sadly, the shot I had in mind would not come to pass. As did most of my mornings in the Adirondacks this one started with heavy fog in the valleys that wouldn’t totally clear until late morning. So, I made do with the conditions that I had.

I actually like this shot. I can’t say I like it more than the one I had in mind. However, this shot takes advantage of the soft, diffused light caused by the sun filtering through the heavy layer of fog. There aren’t harsh shadows to deal with as there would have been with direct sunlight. The vibrant colors of the lush grass, changing fall colors, and the roof and walls of the barn all complement each other nicely. It’s a great reminder of a beautiful fall morning in the Adirondacks. Enjoy.