Lavender and Barn Door

Lavender and Barn Door

Lavender in bloom contrasts beautifully with an old barn door in a Sonoma Valley vineyard

On the last few days of our trip to California we stayed in Napa and visited both the Napa and Sonoma valleys. I quickly became educated as to which is which and the virtues that each have to offer. Let’s just say that each is beautiful and each has its own unique qualities. No matter which one is your favorite, neither is a bad place to hang your hat at the end of the day.

Even though we had just met them, we were treated like royalty by our new friends, Andy and Kelli VomSteeg. They toured the area with us and gave us insights that we would never had gotten if we had stayed near our hotel room. In fact, this picture is an illustration of that. On our way from a private winery tour to a dinner party I somehow mentioned that I’d love to photograph a lavender field in bloom. Of course, the only lavender field I recalled seeing was in France. But, they quickly pointed out that there was a beautiful winery nearby that had a lavender field in it. So, I quickly went from wanting to photograph a lavender field to actually standing in one and taking shots. Incredible.

The lavender was planted in long rows that were really beautiful to capture. So, once I had taken my fill, we headed to the car to leave. Literally on the way out I spotted this old shed or barn at the edge of the field. It caught my eye because of the cool farm implements hanging on the door and the way the colorful lavender contrasted against the rustic texture of the doors. Hopefully it’s beautiful to you as well. Enjoy.


Dingle Door

Dingle Door

A wonderful painted door in the quaint little town of Dingle

I love shooting architecture. I suppose it’s the symmetry that draws my eye to it. And when you add a pop of color, I’m *really* drawn to architecture. Such is the case with this door that we found in the town of Dingle. It’s a small town but crammed full of pubs, shops, and houses close by each other. Although there are plenty of pretty sights, this door popped out because of its paint scheme. Enjoy!

Ennis Doorway

Ennis Doorway

A beautiful, weathered door in Ennis, Ireland

Whenever I travel to a beautiful place whether for work or for pleasure, I like to get up early in the morning and roam the area I’m staying in at sunrise. Oftentimes, there are very few people on the streets and the light can be wonderful. Such was the case while we were staying in Ennis. I got up both mornings very early and just walked the streets seeing what I could see.

As you have probably deduced if you’ve been following this blog for long, I love to take shots of architecture. I don’t know what it is about doors, windows, steeples, building facades, etc. but architecture simply catches my eye. On this beautiful summer morning in western Ireland, I had the town to myself. When I saw this old weathered door on an equally worn, weathered building I simply had to capture it. The ivy, fading and peeling blue paint, and rotting trim all combine to make a beautiful image to my eye. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Red Door in Dublin

Red Door in Dublin

One of a seemingly endless stream of beautiful doors in Dublin, Ireland

Although I captured many elegant Georgian doors while strolling through Dublin, this simple red one is my favorite. I was actually just crossing from one neighborhood to another and in a bit of a rough area when I stumbled across this door. It isn’t fancy or surrounded by stately architecture, but it is beautiful. The vibrant red paint contrasts beautifully with the brick that has been painted and worn down over the decades. Enjoy.

Mount Street Bicycle and Doors

Mount Street Bicycle and Doors

A street scene from Mount Street near Dublin’s Merrion Square

While wandering around near Merrion Square I spent most of my time taking pictures of doors. I have a project in mind that I’ve toyed with and hopefully will be able to post soon. To give you just a bit of a taste of the look and feel of the area I’ve selected this image. These doors are fairly typical of the architecture in the area as are the casings and the ironwork. The bicycle just adds a bit of local flavor to the image. Enjoy.

The Door to the Past

The Door to the Past

A prime example of the many beautiful doors in the French village of Provins

The medieval town of Provins was filled with beautiful architecture. Some of it was hidden behind walls or gates and could only be glimpsed through cracks in walls or gaps in vegetation. But, sometimes, the door in the wall was as beautiful as the treasures behind – at least I think so.

On one of my sunrise morning strolls, this door and wall caught my attention. I composed a wider shot to include the greenery above, the rubble stone wall, the hint of early morning sunlight, and the whitewashed door. It’s amazing to me that this scene has likely struck passers-by as beautiful for centuries. I wonder if those people who have walked by for centuries wonder as I do what lies behind the door? Enjoy.

La Porte Bleue

A rustic door in the medieval town of Provins contrasts beautifully with the surrounding stonework of the building it allows access into

A rustic door in the medieval town of Provins contrasts beautifully with the surrounding stonework of the building it allows access into

Most of our time in France was spent at the gîte working with the staff of our French partner, Eglise de la Brie. However, I had an hour or so each morning to wander the town after sunrise and before breakfast. The wonderful part of these walks was that I pretty much had the town to myself. I must admit that it was pretty wonderful to have my morning walk in a beautiful walled city in northern France.

My eye was certainly drawn to the two structures that rise above the town, a church and a watchtower. But, there was also a trove of other beautiful sights, primarily the doors and windows of the houses in the village. I probably walked every street in the small town over the four morning strolls that I took. I took quite a few shots of the rustic architecture that I encountered.

This blue door obviously caught my eye. It certainly seems to have been in place for decades or centuries. The blue color only accentuated its beauty. I hope you enjoy the image.

Red Doors

Red Doors

The red doors of a classic white church in upstate New York

Here’s my last image from the Finger Lakes trip. It’s nothing special, but I really like images like this one. It’s clean, beautiful, and holds a beautiful contrast between the plain white of the clapboards and trim against the deep red of the door. After shooting the beautiful fall colors in the area that sometimes appeared quite abstract, I suppose my eye was drawn to this wonderfully symmetrical image. Enjoy this one. Next time we meet I’ll be making a significant departure from the streams, gorges, and small towns of the East Coast to the altogether different landscape of the Southwest.

Stucco, Stairs, and Brick

Stucco, Stairs, and Brick

A building facade near the Forum in Rome, Italy

I’m always looking for patterns and colors that make interesting compositions. As we wandered through Rome, I saw many examples of everyday scenes that were beautiful to me. This image was taken just after we passed through the Forum walking toward the Pantheon. I’m not exactly sure of the street I was on and I certainly don’t know what building this is. I do know that I like the way the color of the brick and stucco complement each other, the texture of the stone in the stairs, and the overall color palette. I hope you enjoy it as well. Ciao.