Botanical Garden

Chihuly at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Chihuly at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

One of the works at Chihuly’s exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Pamela and I went with friends on Wednesday night to view the Chihuly exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It’s truly beautiful, especially near sunset and at dusk. The glasswork is amazing and when combined with the beauty of the garden, it really is worth the price of admission. Enjoy.


The Texture of Green

The Texture of Green

Shades and textures of green at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

And now for something completely different… (Bonus points for you if you can identify the comedy show that used that line consistently.) I’ve been working through a backlog of images from last fall and am just now making my way to some images from this spring. I usually post scenics and grand landscapes but a good bit of what I’ve shot this spring are intimates and macro shots.

This one was taken at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. I’ve fallen into a bit of a pattern where this location is usually one of the first places I shoot each year. I don’t intend to but many of my shots are taken spring through fall. Once the weather gets cold and leaves come off the trees I tend to put the camera aside and focus on other pursuits. I’ll shoot the occasional Atlanta snowfall but most of my images during the winter are of my kids’ sporting events.

So, I get the itch to shoot in mid-March once the weather begins to warm. The easiest place to go and get some guaranteed results is the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Even though it’s a beautiful location I see relatively few serious photographers taking advantage of its delights. One other factor that makes the Garden such a draw is the Fuqua Conservatory. There are desert and tropical sections allowing photography of diverse species all year around.

I should know the name of this plant, but to be honest, I don’t. I do know that it is beautiful and the shades of green from it and the surrounding plants make for a wonderful composition. The textures of the plants make the image even more compelling. Hence, the title of the image emerged. When you are in Atlanta a visit to the Garden is certainly worth your time. Enjoy.

My Annual Pilgrimage to the Atlanta Botanical Garden

As I’ve probably written before, one of my favorite places in Atlanta is the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It’s a wonderful set of gardens that rarely attracts the attention that it deserves. I’ve visited quite a few botanical gardens over the years and only a handful are at the level of Atlanta’s. Very few exceed it. Each year after the long winter, I get the itch to shoot color again. One of my first destinations is the Botanical Garden. The seasonal plantings and the orchid house guarantee a splash of color even as the native flora is awaiting spring. Although spring came early in Atlanta this year, I still made the pilgrimage to the Garden. I hope you enjoy the flowers as much as I did.

I’m posting many more photos than my normal one image per post today. Don’t think that I’m lazy. I just don’t have nine different stories for these images.

I know the common flowers. I’m just not certain of all of the other flowers that I encounter at the Garden. These first two are poppies, one in bloom and one waiting to bloom.

To be honest, I don’t know the name of this flower, but it certainly is beautiful.

Orchids I do know. The Fuqua Orchid house has an incredible collection of orchids native to many different parts of the world.

Another one that I don’t know the name of but I certainly admire its beauty.

This state of a little boy catching frogs has adorned the gardens for year. I love the look of sheer joy on his face and the thoughts evoked by living a simple country life.

I know roses as well. I especially love the peach shade of these delicate, perfectly formed flowers.

I believe this is a poppy as well. I love the delicate feel of the overlapping petals, the soft transition from rose-colored to white, and the intricate structure of the pistils and stamens.

Once again, I’m not sure of the flower name, but the large stands of them made for some interesting foreground in focus, background out of focus compositions.