The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges

A row of beech trees found near Armoy, Northern Ireland

I first saw the Dark Hedges in a blog post by a native Irishman named David Patterson a few years ago. While he had emigrated from his native Ireland, he still visited, photographed, and discussed his native country. One of the spots that he photographed was this row of trees in Northern Ireland known as the Dark Hedges. I knew then that I wanted to visit this spot one day.

Then, The Game of Thrones was made into a series by HBO and this location was used in its filming. I’ve read the books but I haven’t seen the show. I quickly found out while researching our trip to Ireland that this simple country road had been used as a filming location for the series. Consequently, when I visited I was never alone. There was virtually a constant flow of sightseers and fans of the show who wanted to stroll this beautiful lane. I agreed with them that it is a beautiful location, but I wanted a few minutes in great light so I could photograph it!

Alas, my moment of beautiful light and an empty road never materialized. I was able to squeeze this shot off, but I’m pretty sure that there is a tour bus about to enter the image from one end or the other. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back one day and visit here in the golden hour when the popularity of the show has waned. It’s definitely a shot I’ll keep on my bucket list. Enjoy.



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