Gaelic Cross – B+W

Gaelic Cross - B+W

A black and white version of a Gaelic cross near Glendalough

Pamela and I had the opportunity to visit Ireland this past summer. We combined an award trip that she had earned with her business, our 25th wedding anniversary (woo hoo!) trip, and a… ahem… “milestone” birthday trip for her in order to spend almost two weeks in Ireland. It was an awesome, epic trip that we both enjoyed as much or more than any other trip we have taken.

I’ll take the next few weeks to work my way through my images from the trip and tell a few stories along the way. I hope you can stick around for the full account.

We flew into Dublin and spent the first two days alone and with some close friends who were traveling with us. On the very first day we scheduled quite a bit in an attempt to stay awake and adjust to the time differential as quickly as possible. For the first two nights we chose a hotel in the Wicklow Mountains just south of Dublin. Nestled in those mountains is the ancient monastic site of Glendalough. I won’t go into all the history of Ireland’s monastic sites, but the ones that are well-preserved are certainly worth a visit.

As you would imagine in a monastery, there are ruins of chapels, homes, and lots of cemeteries. For whatever reason, my eye is drawn to stonework in cemeteries – especially old crosses. This is a great example of a Gaelic cross and it looks best to my eye in black and white. There’s plenty of color, especially green, to come. It’s Ireland after all. But, to get us off to a subtle start, enjoy this one in black and white. See you soon.


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