The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim

The beautiful and utterly unique architecture of the Guggenheim Museum on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

I’m extraordinarily fortunate to have family who lives on the Upper East side of Manhattan. Not only did Taylor and I have nice accommodations we also got to spend time her uncle and aunt who treated us with great hospitality. And after visiting in the city for a few days I came to appreciate the relative peace and calm of the area as opposed to the constant noise, hustle, and bustle in some other areas of the city.

One of the sights that I had pretty high on my list to visit was the Guggenheim Museum. I was primarily interested in seeing the architecture that Mr. Wright had dreamed up and constructed. Of course, a bonus would be to visit the collections of the museum. As it turned out, the day we had available to visit was a day the museum was closed. That didn’t deter us from taking a rather walk to Central Park via the Guggenheim though.

When we arrived, I wasn’t the only person with a camera in tow looking to capture a unique view of the place. There was a photographer from Brazil who was capturing street scenes with the museum as a background. That wasn’t my goal, though. I wanted to make the sensuous curves and elegant white concrete the primary element in my composition. It wasn’t very difficult to get my shot. By focusing above the street level I was able to isolate the upper part of the museum in both vertical and horizontal compositions.

I had the chance to visit one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s other masterpieces later in the fall. Now that I look back on my images of the Guggenheim I can see that the two structures have much in common. The most striking commonality is how futuristic both structures look even now. Wright simply had a way to create design elements that are timeless, elegant, and beautiful. Oddly, the Guggenheim is unlike any other architecture I saw in New York. Yet, I can’t imagine the city without her. Enjoy.


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