Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline

The beautiful city of Toronto on a late summer’s evening

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Toronto for the first time. Well, my actual destination was Barrie which is almost an hour north of Toronto. But, we went into Toronto for dinner one night and my host graciously drove me out to a point where I could get this vantage point of the city.

As is usually the case with skyline shots, this image was taken a few minutes after sunset. There was still some color from the sun which had dropped below the horizon. There were a few breaks in the clouds as well which allowed the deep blue sky above to show through the cloud cover. By waiting fifteen or twenty minutes after sunset, the building lights of the city were all on and contrasted beautifully with the glow in the sky above. By using a thirty second exposure the waves in Lake Ontario only appear as a creamy texture in the foreground. Surprisingly, there is even a bit of a reflection from some of the brightest lights in the city.

I only was able to spend a few hours in the city, but based on what I saw, I definitely would like to return for a longer visit. If you find yourself in the area you definitely should visit the city. And if you are heading north you should check out Connexus Community Church and their team including teaching pastor Carey Nieuwhof. Thanks for your hospitality, Carey and Connexus team!


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