Polyphemus Surprising Acis and Galatea

Polyphemus Surprising Acis and Galatea

This beautiful fountain is located in Paris’ Jardin du Luxembourg

Paris truly is a photographer’s paradise. I could wander around in the city for days and never run out of subjects to photograph. So, with only two full days to visit, I had to choose my subjects judiciously. After doing a great deal of research and after choosing the major attractions I wanted to visit, I began to fill in our itinerary with “secondary” sites. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, but there are prime locations in Paris (the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, etc.) and then there are dozens of other equally fascinating locations. Since we would be spending some time in the 6th arrondissement, the Jardin du Luxembourg seemed like a worthy destination.

It turned out to be a good choice. We visited on a beautiful Saturday morning when the locals were beginning to fill up the park. We saw a dance class in a weathered old gazebo, parents strolling with their children, a cadre of runners old and young getting in their runs, a college group running some sort of fun run holding all sorts of quirky items (wine bottles, baguettes, hula hoops, children’s blow-up toys, and many others), and the toy sailboats being set up in the pool in front of the Palais de Luxembourg. It was a wonderful glimpse into the lives of workaday Parisians enjoying a perfect spring Saturday morning.

I had a field day capturing as much of the atmosphere photographically as possible. In fact, I had wandered through most of the garden when I decided to explore the last remaining corner. That’s when I stumbled upon the Medici Fountain. It says something of Paris’ beauty that something as beautiful as this fountain simply doesn’t warrant a mention in most guidebooks!

I apologized to my traveling companions – including my long-suffering photography widow of a wife – as I set up my tripod in order to capture the scene in front of me. I wanted to capture the fountain and its reflection in the pond, but I also was intrigued by the fountain itself. I’ve included an image of each for you do decide which one you prefer. After twenty minutes or so of waiting for the wind to calm and tourists to pass by, these are the results. I can only hope you enjoy viewing these images a fraction as much as I enjoyed my time in the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg.

Polyphemus Surprising Acis and Galatea - detail

A closer view of Polyphemus Surprising Acis and Galatea in Paris’ Jardin du Luxembourg


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