Dome and Tower at Sunset

Dome and Tower at Sunset

The dome of the Catholic church and the Tour Cesar in picturesque Provins, France

The stretch of weather that we had while in the countryside near Provins was remarkable. Every day was virtually cloud-free with high temperatures in the upper seventies or low eighties and lows in the fifties. We were able to be outside or inside to enjoy the beautiful countryside or the hospitality of our French friends.

Photography weather it was not, though. If you’ve followed along for a while here, you know that I would much prefer to have moody skies and clouds to add visual interest to my photography. Every once in a while though clear skies work in my favor. Taking this image is a perfect example of that. Although I would’ve loved to have beautiful pink clouds as my background for this shot, I likely wouldn’t have had the wonderful soft light that I benefitted from here. Just before the sun dipped below the horizon, it bathed the two highest structures in town with a wonderful, warm light that caused the structures to almost glow. Likely, I just wouldn’t have had that light unless I had the clear skies that I did.

I suppose photography is like the rest of life. Make the most with you have available. As it turned out, blue skies were a pretty terrific gift. Enjoy.


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