Église Catholique Collégiale St Quiriace

Église Catholique Collégiale St Quiriace

An ornate metal cross standing in the courtyard of Église Catholique Collégiale St Quiriace in Provins, France

Earlier this year, Pamela and I had the opportunity to travel to France to work with our French strategic partner, Église de la Brie. We and two other staff members provided content for a staff retreat put on for the French church team by some awesome volunteers from North Point. The bottom line was that we had the easy job of talking about ministry strategy while our incredible volunteers cooked, entertained children, and generally made life easy for a few days while we were in the French countryside in a beautiful old farm now used as a gîte. A gîte is a holiday home or bed and breakfast type accommodation found in France. Ours was a beautiful old farm complete with barns, outbuildings, a garden, and sleeping quarters for about twenty people.

Although the sessions were held and the meals taken at the gîte, we stayed in a cool little town about twenty minutes away. The town of Provins is an old medieval city complete with fortified walls, half-timbered buildings, and cobblestone streets. It’s not a very big town. You can walk from end to end in about ten minutes. But, it is charming.

I had one or two early mornings and evenings to walk the town and take a few images. This image is from the primary church that rises above the town. As in many European villages, the church was built as the architectural centerpiece. Provins is no exception. Although relatively small, Église Catholique Collégiale St Quiriace is still beautiful and a showpiece for the town.

This image was taken in the courtyard of the church. The metal cross is a freestanding piece that sits near the street and is a focal point of the courtyard. I was able to align the center of the cross with the round window in the front facade of the church. Once I set up the shot I was able to manipulate my tripod so that I could take this image over and over again while the sky was fading into twilight. I like this image where the texture of the cross is still visible and the sky has darkened to the point where it and the stonework of the church are still properly exposed. I hope you enjoy the image as well.


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