Shanghai Skyline

Shanghai Skyline

The brilliant skyline of Shanghai with her illuminated buildings and constant stream of boats on the Huangpu River

Our trip to China concluded with a stop in Shanghai. We were in the city for one full day and two nights. As remote and undeveloped as certain parts of China that we visited were, Shanghai was as modern as any city that you could visit in the West. The juxtaposition between the rural countryside and the modernity of Shanghai was quite amazing. While some parts of China seem to just now be coming out of a deep slumber, Shanghai is vibrant and alive.

Even though we had a long travel day, after dinner I stayed awake as long as possible watching the lights come on from my hotel room. Fortunately, my room faced the Bund, the waterfront area of downtown Shanghai. I was able to take a series of shots from my hotel room featuring the Pearl Tower and skyscrapers of downtown. This image is one of those. You can also see the streak of light from the constant stream of passing boats on the Huangpu River. Enjoy.


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