Forbidden City Architecture

Forbidden City Architecture

A detail of the architecture of the Forbidden City

As we walked through the Forbidden City, it was difficult to take in the details of all the things we were seeing. The colors were vibrant. The furniture was ornate. The size of the spaces was gargantuan especially considering the paucity of people for which the spaces were built. But, above all that, the quality of the architecture was especially notable.

Even though many elements have been in place for hundreds of years, the simplicity and beauty of the roof lines and other adornments stood out. Considering that the buildings were constructed largely of bamboo, it’s amazing that they have held up as well as they have. As I walked through the complex I began to look for ways to highlight the beauty of the roof lines and other decorative elements.

This image is the result of that search. Hopefully it conveys a sense of the beauty of the Forbidden City. It truly is one of those places that you should visit if you have a chance. Enjoy.


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