Fall Color and the Great Wall

Fall Colors and the Great Wall

Fall colors surround the Great Wall as it follows the ridges of the mountainous region outside Beijing

Last fall I had the opportunity to travel to China. The primary focus of the trip was to meet with the leaders of some incredible organizations that work with special needs children. The highlight of the trip was meeting the kids and seeing how love and simple acts of service can impact their lives forever. As an ancillary benefit I was able to haul my camera gear over and had a few opportunities to shoot.

Easily the most spectacular sight that I visited while there was the Great Wall. I’ve heard of it my entire life, but it really is one of those places that you have to see and experience in order to truly appreciate. As I stood on the wall and looked at it stretching off literally to the horizon in both directions I was stunned by the amount of labor and material it took to construct it. I simply can’t imagine something like it being constructed today.

The section of the wall that we experienced was Mutianyu. It’s relatively close to Beijing and the best preserved section of the Great Wall. As a bonus, the air was relatively clean the day we visited and some of the extensive tree canopy was turning color. The conditions weren’t perfect, but since I only had one morning to shoot I was very grateful to have conditions as good as they turned out to be.

I know there are better shots of the Great Wall out there, but I like this one. I hope to return one day and have the opportunity to visit other sections of the wall. Until then, my memories of this section will be more than enough to enjoy. I hope you enjoy the images as well.


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