Peacham, Vermont

Peacham, Vermont

A classic Vermont pastoral scene of Peacham, Vermont surrounded by fall color

I love to create new, fresh images. But, I must admit, I also am attracted to classic locations that have been captured hundreds and thousands of times. Today’s image is in the latter category.

I didn’t just stumble onto this scene. In fact, if you search for Peacham and Photograph on the internet, you can find dozens of shots very similar to this one. I’ve even shot it before on at least two different occasions. But, that doesn’t diminish the fact that this is a classic New England scenic that captures a once typical quaint New England town.

The image contains all the elements of a classic New England village. White steepled church? Check. Red barn? Check? Fall foliage surrounding village? Check. Rolling rugged hills? Check? If you look closely, you can see that there are also a few cars parked at the church. That’s not classic New England village. Unfortunately, on the day I was in Peacham, there was a fall festival going on and people were parked all over the village. Fortunately for me, the view from the hillside didn’t include most of the activity going on that day.

I hope you enjoy the image. You definitely should visit Peacham if you find yourself in north central Vermont. It’s a lovely little town and a slice of rural New England that is quickly vanishing. Enjoy.


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