Late Afternoon Light on the Saranac River

Late Afternoon Light on the Saranac River

Late afternoon light creates a golden hue on the wetlands and hills covered in fall foliage along the Saranac River near Saranac Lake, New York

Photographers refer to the golden hour often. Generally speaking the golden hour is the hour following sunrise or just before sunset. That’s when the sun is low in the sky and sunlight is filtered through more of the atmosphere. As a result the light is more subdued and can cast a golden hue on the landscape.

Although I’m always looking for great subjects to shoot, I become keenly aware of my surroundings in the golden hour. Good subjects become great subjects when the light is just right.

That was certainly the case with this shot. The Saranac River flows for about eighty miles from the mountains around Saranac Lake to Lake Champlain to the northwest. At times, it is simply a river making its way to its destination. In the fall when colors are peaking and golden hour does its magic, the river and its surroundings can become a canvas upon which beautiful scenes are created.

On this fall afternoon, the light was just right and the colors were peaking. I took a few minutes just absorbing the scene then I set my tripod up to attempt to capture the scene. Only a few minutes later, the sun had dropped below the mountains to the west and the magic was lost. Hopefully I captured a bit of that magic in this image. Enjoy.


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