Fall Color at Chapel Pond

Fall Color at Chapel Pond

Fall color at its peak above Chapel Pond in the Adirondacks

One of the shots that I had visualized before my trip to the Adirondacks was a beautiful fall landscape reflected in one of the many ponds in the area. I had achieved my goal earlier in the day with my excursion to Round Pond. But, there was another shot that I also hoped to capture.

Chapel Pond is one example of many ponds in the area that sit at the base of steep cliffs covered in trees. The trees are a mix of evergreen and deciduous and create an interesting composition in the fall. The gray granite of the cliffs creates a wonderful contrast with the green pines and the yellows, oranges, and reds of the changing deciduous trees. I wanted that combination reflected in a still pond.

Unfortunately, finding a moment where the ponds were perfectly still proved to be more difficult than I had realized. In the early mornings, the water was calm, but dense fog settled in over the ponds and ruined any chance for a reflection shot. Later in the day, the fog was pushed aside by the sun burning through the fog and the wind that rose up to clear it out. But, the wind also ruined the mirror smooth water that I needed for a reflection.

So, I settled for a shot that focused on a cliff with foliage clinging precariously and its foliage at the peak of fall color without the pond. It isn’t the shot that I had envisioned, but it still turned out quite nicely, I think. Enjoy.


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