Keene Valley Barn

Keene Valley Barn

The fading red paint of this wonderful old barn was perfectly complemented by the fall colors in the Adirondacks

As I’ve mentioned often, one of my favorite aspects of a photography trip is the unexpected image that inevitably presents itself. The first half of my fall trip was in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. I based out of Lake Placid and made side trips out from there each day. Many of the spots that I had pre-selected based on my research were in the Keene Valley.

At the intersection of two heavily traveled roads in the Keene Valley stood this old barn. I passed it several times and made a mental note that in the right light it could be an interesting image. So, on one of the mornings in the area I headed toward the old barn hoping to catch some glorious morning light as it first kissed the weathered red paint and classic architecture of the barn. Sadly, the shot I had in mind would not come to pass. As did most of my mornings in the Adirondacks this one started with heavy fog in the valleys that wouldn’t totally clear until late morning. So, I made do with the conditions that I had.

I actually like this shot. I can’t say I like it more than the one I had in mind. However, this shot takes advantage of the soft, diffused light caused by the sun filtering through the heavy layer of fog. There aren’t harsh shadows to deal with as there would have been with direct sunlight. The vibrant colors of the lush grass, changing fall colors, and the roof and walls of the barn all complement each other nicely. It’s a great reminder of a beautiful fall morning in the Adirondacks. Enjoy.


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