Taylor Pond Reflection – Vertical

Taylor Pond Reflection - Vertical

A beautiful fall sky is reflected in the still waters of Taylor Pond in the Adirondacks of upstate New York

Well, I managed to go an entire month without posting. Unfortunately, that wasn’t my plan. October just turned out to be a much busier month than I had planned on. In October I wrapped up a trip to New England, had our house hit by a small tornado (literally), traveled to China for ten days, and spent a week recovering from a bug I picked up on the way home and threw out my back all the same time. Meanwhile, my wife has been out of town on business and our two teenage daughters have somehow maintained their sanity throughout all the chaos. I don’t want to repeat October anytime soon!

So, I’ll try to get back to a somewhat regular posting schedule now that life is back to normal. This image was taken on my early fall trip to the Adirondacks and Vermont. After flying into Burlington, Vermont, I took the ferry over late at night to my hotel in Plattsburgh, New York. From there I woke up very early the next morning and drove to Taylor Pond.

I couldn’t get to the side of the lake that I had planned to shoot from but as it turned out I’m glad that I landed where I did. The sunrise itself was not spectacular, but the conditions it created in the cloud layers above were magical. As you can see the foliage in the mountains surrounding the pond was near peak and the pond itself remained calm for most of the morning. I spent a couple of hours transfixed by the beautiful, changing light conditions. I’ll share several images from the morning but this is the first of my favorites. Enjoy.


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