Fireworks display from the Fourth of July Celebration in Alpharetta, GA

It’s a bit late for this, but here’s a shot from a few weeks ago from the Independence Day celebration in the town where I live, Alpharetta, Georgia. I’ve never had a lot of success in photographing fireworks but I actually had a few shots turn out pretty well on this occasion. That was despite my setting up in the wrong location and having to scramble frantically at the last second to reset all of my gear hoping I would get some decent shots.

Ironically, we went to the beach for a few days a week ago and there was a magnificent fireworks display at the resort where we were staying. I had a front row seat but didn’t know the show was coming. So, our first notice the show was coming was the boom of the first rocket. We were on a higher floor of a condominium tower and the show was literally at eye level! My camera was with me, but the show was relatively short. By the time I retrieved my gear I knew I wouldn’t be set up in time. So, I just sat back and enjoyed the show. Oh, well. Now we have a reason to go back to the same location next year… Enjoy!


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