Edisto Island Sunrise

Dawn at Edisto Island

A tree in the boneyard off Edisto Island under a colorful dawn sky

Sunrise at Edisto Island

The sun crosses the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean and the skeleton trees of Edisto Island

I mentioned earlier in a previous post that I had several shots in mind during my trip to Charleston and the South Carolina low country. High on my list was an area on Edisto Island that I hadn’t visited before, Botany Bay Plantation.

On an earlier trip I had visited the Edisto Beach State Park where a boneyard similar to the one at Botany Bay Plantation is located. Those trees, however, are mostly at the shoreline and are difficult to isolate as photography subjects. At Botany Bay, some of the trees are still standing much further away from the wrack line.

I thought I had scouted the location enough since I had visited the island before and I knew when sunrise would occur. Unfortunately, my GPS was very confused about the route to take and told me that a thirty minute drive would take more than an hour. Being a slave to GPS, I got up forty-five minutes earlier than necessary and found myself sitting at the entry gate before the gate had opened. To add insult to injury the gate didn’t open on time so I spent about an hour cooling my heels that I could have been sleeping!

The gates finally opened, but only about thirty minutes before sunrise. By the time I drove to the parking lot where the trail head to the beach was located the sky was already turning some pretty awesome shades of pink and purple. Tempted as I was to stop, I hiked double time in order to make to the beach and find a decent scene to put in front of the colorful sunrise.

When I made it to the beach it was high tide. The good news was that lots of trees were in the water and could make great subjects. The bad news was that there was precious little beach real estate available to stand on without getting my feet and my gear wet. My compromise once I found my subject tree was to scramble up another tree a bit away and shoot while perched there. It was probably a pretty funny sight to see a large man balanced in a tree with gear hanging off various tree limbs in the vicinity.

I got my shot, though. Actually I got quite a few. I posted two of those here just because I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. The pre-sunrise shot is beautiful to me because of the pastel colors in the sky and the long exposure I was able to utilize which yielded a silky ocean around the base of the tree. The second shot is attractive for obvious reasons. Seeing the sun hanging on the horizon while casting its first warm rays of the morning on the ocean and the boneyard trees makes for an interesting shot.

I hope you enjoy one or both of them. Thanks for stopping by.


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