Driving Into Sunset

Driving Into Sunset

The road from Page, AZ to Kanab, UT as the sunset paints the sky brilliant hues of red and orange

Our trip to Arizona and Utah had been very productive. As is usually the case for a trip like this one, many of the shots I had envisioned hadn’t turned out quite the way I had hoped, but we had encountered many other unexpected visual delights. Such was the case with this image. As we stood in the streets of Page contemplating shooting the balloon glow in the streets of Page that evening, the gathering clouds on the horizon suggested that the sunset could be worth shooting. We began to evaluate our options. Pretty quickly we decided that hitting the road early and taking our chances on the road from Page to Zion gave us the best chance of capturing a beautiful sunset.

So, we headed for our car and hit the road toward Kanab. It quickly became apparent that the sunset would be worth shooting. Now the dilemma common to photographers became paramount. We were in search of a foreground to use with the beautiful emerging sunset.

Having driven in the area for a couple of days we had some ideas about places that might work, but we were running out of time. The sunset was quickly peaking and we would have to get somewhere quickly. As it turned out, somewhere turned out to be a pullout offering views of the surrounding mesas and Page in the distance. After taking a few test shots, it occurred to me that the foreground could be the road we were just driving on. So, I set my tripod up in the middle of the road and began composing.

I had to move a few times for oncoming traffic, but that was pretty easy. I could see for at least a mile in either direction so I had plenty of warning if a car or truck was approaching. After taking a few shots this image resulted. The sunset is waning but there is still a glow on the surrounding cliffs. The road trails off nicely in the distance and its distinctive yellow and white stripes provides a nice contrast to the gray-black of the asphalt.

It’s a simple image but a fitting one for my last one from the trip. We were on the road home and it felt good to be going there. Enjoy.



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