Alien Landscape

Alien Landscape

The area around the Wave is just as alien and exotic as the Wave itself

Each time I visit the southern Utah and northern Arizona area, I come away with the same impression. There are parts of the region where I think I could blindfold a person, convince them they were on a spacecraft capable of warp speed, drop them off in say, Bryce Canyon or the area around the Wave, and ask them to tell me where in the universe they were. I’m not sure that many people would guess Earth given the landscape they would be experiencing. Some places are just that different from anywhere else on Earth I know of.

I knew that the Wave would be incredible. I had seen pictures of it. But, nothing prepared me for the variety of rock formations I saw approaching and around the Wave. Our guide encouraged us to hike above the Wave to another similar formation. Along the way, we encountered a variety of amazing rock formations. One looked like a hamburger complete with bun. Another looked like a series of ice cream cones. Others looked like brains on stems. All of these formations had a wide latitude of colors present. We were told that the colors in the sandstone were determined by how much iron oxide was present in each formation. We saw coppery green, vibrant red, orange, brown, and even black sandstone during our trip. I really didn’t know that the rocks could have that much variation in color.

This particular image was captured during our hike out of the Wave. We took a slightly different route out that put us on the ridge parallel to the Wave on the hike out. So, the image you see are the formations we hiked past earlier in the day. The Wave is contained in the midst of the features that look somewhat like inverted cones. I don’t know when I’ll get back out that way, but if I do I certainly would like to visit the area again. Enjoy.



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