Zion National Park

Zion National Park

The entrance sign to Zion National Park at the Springdale entry gate

I’ll admit it. I’m a national park geek. If I’m driving down a highway and I see a marker for a national park, I’ll immediately begin to calculate if there is any way I can include a visit to that park into my travel plans. It doesn’t always work out, but I attempt to visit as many parks as I can.

And, when I do visit a park, I’m just geeky enough that I will stop and take a picture of the park entrance sign. If I’m with my family we’ll usually set up the tripod to take a self-portrait or ask someone else to take a photo of our family. I’m just narcissistic enough that I’ll even set up the tripod to take a selfie from time to time.

Although most national park signs are interesting, some are elevated to works of art in and of themselves. I’m sure there are others but the three that come to mind are Glacier, Yosemite, and this one at Zion. The best signs include elements found in the region and therefore reflect the look and feel of the park itself.

That is certainly the case with the signage at Zion. The base is made from the red sandstone native to the region. The wood used in the signs contrasts beautifully with the sandstone. Even the font used for the sign somehow complements the natural materials. The signs look like they have been there as long as the valley itself!

I had to work a bit to get this image. Although the sign looks isolated, if you have visited the park you know that the standard park service entry booths are located just beyond this sign. By using a long lens and squatting low in the road, I was able to isolate the sign and include the distinctive mountains in the background. The low-hanging clouds add an extra dimension and create a cool vibe for the shot. It’s just an entry sign, but it’s for one of our national treasures, beautiful Zion National Park. Enjoy.



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