The Road to Zion

The Road to Zion

An interior park road winds through the cottonwoods of Zion National Park in early November

One really neat aspect of Zion National Park is the color of the roads that run through the park. Since the rock formations in the region are made of a red sandstone, someone had the very clever idea to infuse the park roads with a deep red color. There’s no doubt when you enter the park because the gray-black asphalt outside the park transitions to a deep red that is made even more distinctive by the yellow stripes used to divide the roadway.

On the same morning that we had waited for a sunrise over the Virgin River and the Watchman, we ventured on into the park looking for other images to capture. Not too far up the road my eye was drawn to this scene. The same low-hanging clouds that clung to the Watchman were also passing through the other mountains in the park. From a small bridge that the main road uses to pass over a smaller, interior park road, I set up my tripod. I love the way the road is a leading line into the image. The cottonwoods are at the peak of their color and add a lovely contrast to the scene. Finally, the red rock mountains shrouded in mist create a unique spin on this otherwise normally sun-drenched part of the American Southwest.

Enjoy the image. There is a lot more to come from this trip.


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