The Watchman and Clouds

The Watchman and Clouds

The classic view of the Watchman and the Virgin River on an overcast day at the peak of fall foliage

Well, it’s taken a while, but I’ve finally worked through my backlog of images and I can start blogging about a fall trip I took to Utah and Arizona. My friend, Tom, and I had planned this trip for a few months and I was really looking forward to it.

He’s a hiker/photographer and I’m a photographer/hiker, so our interests are somewhat aligned. The problem is that his idea of a hike is my idea of something just short of torture. So, I had been lengthening my morning walks trying to get into good enough shape just to keep up with him! There will be more on that in future posts.

If you’ve been to Zion, you know that there is no hiking involved with taking this shot. The main road from Springdale to points east in Utah and Arizona runs right through the park. Still, the image is a classic with the Virgin River in the foreground leading to the Watchman as the focal point of the shot. I would love to be here for an awesome sunrise or sunset, but I’ve never had that happen in several trips to Zion. The days either dawn cloud-free and stay that way or start overcast and rainy.

This trip was no exception. I got to shoot the Watchman in this light and a day or two later with virtually no clouds in the sky. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful spot in the world. Enjoy. And there’s much more to come from Zion and the Utah/Arizona border region.



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