A Perfect Beach Day

A Perfect Beach Day

The beautiful clear water of the Caribbean with perfect cumulus clouds floating overhead

As I sit writing this there is two to three inches of fresh snowfall on the patio outside my office. I and many of my friends had two to twelve-hour commutes home because of a snow event that was supposed to move well south of us. Some people drove all night to get home or had to stop wherever there was a warm building to sleep for the night. Atlanta is in gridlock and will be for another day or two.

So, this is for my friends in the ATL. Wherever you are, keep warm and safe. Thanks to all of you opened your homes or ventured out to help friends and strangers. The outpouring of love and sacrifice I observed is one of many reasons is I love this place. Keep looking for ways to serve and to be the hands of feet of Christ as people around us are in need. And enjoy an unexpected day or two with family and friends.

Maybe this picture from the Caribbean will warm you up on this cold January day. Summer will be back soon enough and all this will be behind us. In the meantime, enjoy!



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