The Girls of Venice Beach

The Girls of Venice Beach

Spectators line the rail to watch the skaters at Venice Beach demonstrate their skills

I have heard of Venice Beach for most of my life, yet in all my visits to California I had never visited there. I had been told that it was an amazing place to people watch. And, I knew of Muscle Beach, of course. What I hadn’t expected was the sheer size of the park. So, as Lauren and I strolled the boardwalk and took in the sights it was a bit of sensory overload.

One unexpected treat was the large area devoted to blades and boards. There were a series of bowls where locals with a wide variety of skill levels were ripping – or stumbling – along to the delight of their friends and observers like us. There were even a couple of skaters being filmed and photographed. That was intriguing to me.

As we lined the rail of one bowl taking in the show a shot began to take birth in my mind’s eye. If I moved to the right location, I could capture the beach, the ocean, a bowl, a skater, all in one shot. Then, as I maneuvered to the right spot a group of four young ladies took their place at the rail. Now all I needed was a skater in the right location. After a few clicks, this image emerged. I wish I had been there with perfect light, some fluffy clouds in a blue sky, or a perfectly placed palm tree or two. Nevertheless, this image conveys the vibe and spirit of Venice Beach pretty well. Enjoy.


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