Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Here's Looking at You, Kid

Caiman at the San Diego Zoo

Okay, that’s a cheesy title. But, hey, I like it. My daughter, Lauren, and I took a trip to California this past summer. I’ve been blessed to be able to take both Matt and Lauren on a nice trip sometime during their sixteenth year. I hope to be able to do the same with my other daughter next summer.

Lauren’s aspiration was to go to Australia, but my old bones couldn’t stand the thought of two twenty-four flights in the span of eight to ten days. Fortunately, one of the schools Lauren is interested in is in California so we were able to substitute the Golden State for the Land Down Under. Something tells me she may make to Oz before I do. She’s definitely a beach girl and I can see her living in a coastal state.

Our plan was to fly into San Diego and out of LA a little more than a week later. Along the way, we had several fun trips planned as tourists. Fortunately, she let me bring my camera along and I got to do a bit of photography as well.

This shot is from the San Diego Zoo. I had heard about it for years, but I had never visited there. It turns out that all the hype was justified. It really is quite a place. I don’t love shooting captive animals, but when will I ever really get this close to some of these animals in the wild? So, please indulge me for a few posts while I share some of the best animal images. There’s plenty of California surf and coast to share in future posts.

This caiman was lazily floating in a pond along with a few of his friends. I love the way his eye is reflected in the deep blue-green water of the pond. I hope you enjoy the image as well.



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