Letchworth State Park

Letchworth Maple

A maple tree and park building in Letchworth State Park during the annual color change of fall

The trip to the Finger Lakes was short but productive. I had hoped to hit the peak of fall color in at least some area of the region and, fortunately enough, I succeeded. As usual there were spots where fall color was still a week or two from peak and other spots where the leaves had already vanished from the trees. In most locations, though, there was color in abundance.

One such location was Letchworth State Park. I had seen it on the map and seen some images from it, but I had no idea of what the park actually looked like. As it turned out, it was and is enormous. There was literally a traffic jam at the gate I entered. I hoped it wasn’t just to view fall colors. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. One of the largest craft fairs in the area was there that weekend and I was caught up in the ensuing traffic. After I cleared the area where the fair was the rest of the park was relatively uncrowded. I don’t think that I captured anything spectacular there, but the color was at or near peak. These images are from trees and buildings in the park that caught my eye. Enjoy.

Letchworth Fall

The colors of fall contrast with the classic lines of a park building in Letchworth State Park



  1. Some of the most intense fall foliage I’ve ever encountered was in the Southern Tier of New York state. I was fortunate to watch it unfold over a month’s duration. Maybe it was just the best year ever, but as one photographer friend quotes a colleague, so much of great photography is a consequence of just being there at the right moment.
    Glad you made it to Letchworth.

      1. One more, among many. Although there have been some clunkers along the way, mostly because of what we’ve done to the land.
        Dover, for the record, has undergone a remarkable turnaround in the past two decades. The millyard, especially, was nearly in ruins. Now it’s vital and charming.

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