Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

A small cascade reflects the golden hues of autumn colors in Fillmore Glen State Park

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I spent quite a bit of time doing research for a trip to the Finger Lakes area of New York. As I read and poked around on web sites, some locations popped up over and over again. Most of the best sites were in state and county parks. One that sounded intriguing and was within a reasonable drive time during one of my daily excursions was Fillmore Glen State Park. As I recall, the primary attraction was Cowsheds Falls. It was a short hike inside the part, but was ultimately rather disappointing. It’s not that it was an ugly waterfall, but after some of the other ones I had seen it just didn’t match up.

Fortunately, there was more to the park than just that waterfall. I decided to hike a mile or so up the gorge trail to see what else might be interesting to shoot. Along the way, the sun was filtering through foliage that was near its peak color. When I would make a turn on the trail, if the sun was hitting a pocket of color in the trees above, there occasionally was a cool reflection in the stream running through the gorge. But, at some of the most ideal locations, there would have been a scramble down a steep bank or a wade into cold water to capture the image I had in mind.

Finally, I came upon a bend in the stream where the flow was shallow and I could rock hop out to the middle without too much a risk of soaking my gear or my clothes. This image is from that location. The foliage above was mostly gold and yellow resulting in this hue reflected in the stream. The little cascade is only two or three inches high but adds some visual interest to the scene. I don’t love the dead leaves in the background, but I didn’t have a way to easily get them out of the shot. I used a neutral density filter, an aperture of f/16, and an ISO of 100 on a cloudy day in order to get a 4 second exposure. That was long enough for the water to turn silky yet retain the golden reflection that caught my eye. It’s a simple image but I really like it. I hope you like it as well. Enjoy.

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