Autumn at Watkins Glen

Autumn at Watkins Glen

The colors of fall in Watkins Glen State Park

Just a short hike up the gorge from the image in my last post I found this scene. Glen Creek is channeled through a narrow crevice in the rocks creating a narrow funnel effect. The first image captures a wider view showing the flow of the water into a pool after it has flowed through the crevice. I like how the long exposure shows a bit of a whirlpool in the first pool and the flow is still evident in the second pool. I also like the way the subtle colors of fall are captured at the top of the frame. As in the other images I’ve previously posted the fallen leaves caught on the ledges of the gorge add even more visual interest.

The image below is taken just a few yards further up the trail. It isolates the chute yet still including a few of the trees hanging over the edge of the gorge above. I really like both images. They both convey the beauty of the scene well while emphasizing different elements of it. I hope you enjoy both as well.

The Chute

Glen Creek carves a narrow channel through the sedimentary rock of Watkins Glen

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