Watkins Glen State Park

Watkins Glen State Park

Well, this is the main attraction for Watkins Glen State Park – at least in my mind. Although there are a series of beautiful waterfalls, this one is iconic. I had hiked up the gorge for several hundred yards stopping along the way to take some shots. I had seen this image in several places and I wanted to capture it for myself. My hope was that I could arrive early enough to avoid waiting for a long time for people to clear the bridge and the stairs as they viewed the scene. In addition, I hoped that I could get a bit of fall color in the scene just to add some visual interest. I was able to accomplish both by timing the date and time of my arrival.

The shot itself isn’t so complicated. I shot at f/13 in order to have a fairly wide depth of field. In this case everything from about ten feet in front of my lens to infinity would be in focus. I blended together two shots of somewhat lengthy exposures (4/10 second and 1.6 seconds) in order to capture a reasonably wide latitude of dynamic range. The result is an image that is very much exactly like what I saw in the field. Once again, the conditions were nearly perfect. High overcast skies created a nice even light on the scene. There was almost no wind which kept the trees motionless. Fortunately, there had been a good bit of rain in the area which created a nice level of flow in Glen Creek. Relatively few people visiting the park in the first hour after sunrise gave me lots of time to work the scene.

If you can’t tell, I’m quite pleased with this image. I think it represents the park and the falls well. I hope you enjoy it too.


    1. Thanks, Sreejith. Glen Creek drops about four hundred feet as it passes through the gorge. There are multiple waterfalls and smaller cascades in that span. It does have an unreal feeling in places. Rick > New comment on your post “Watkins Glen State Park” > Author : Sreejith Nair (IP: , > E-mail : sreejithpnair@gmail.com > URL : http://sreejithpnair.wordpress.com > Whois : http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/

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