Another Canandaigua Sunset

Lake Canadaigua Sunset - Portrait

A portrait version of Lake Canandaigua Sunset

The sunset over Canandaigua Lake was quite spectacular. It was one of those moments where I don’t know exactly how much time I spent shooting. I was in the zone and just trying to capture the incredible scene unfolding in front of me.

This image is actually towards the beginning of the sunset. After wondering if the colors in the sky would change or not, it quickly became apparent that something magical might unfold. After capturing a few horizontal images I took a moment to think about what I was doing. I have a bad habit of continuing to shoot the same scene over and over again capturing only minor changes. I’m learning to be intentional about looking around me, looking for different images, trying to capture as much of the scene as practical.

In this case, I looked at the rocks that I was standing on and realized that one of them might make an interesting foreground. So, I clicked off a few series of images in portrait mode. I’m rather pleased with this one. The sky is continuing its turn toward brilliance and yet the rocks still have some light playing off them. I think it makes for a rather nice scene. I hope you do as well. Enjoy.




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