Rhododendron and Weathered Fence

Rhododendron and Weathered Fence

It’s been too long since my last post. Life has been crazy and I have simply gotten behind. The good news is that there have been a couple of photo trips that have caused some of the interruption and I have some great new material I’ll be sharing over the next few months.

This image is from a trip I took this past summer to see the rhododendron bloom on Roan Mountain. I talked about it a bit in my last post even though that seems ages ago! This image was taken on the last day of spring/first day of summer. In Atlanta, the rhododendron had already bloomed, died off, and begun to leaf out for the bloom next spring. In fact, most of the wildflowers had already come and gone when I went up in the mountains to shoot. But at 6000 feet spring was just making its appearance. I suppose summer is very short up there and snow will start flying in October.

I love the texture of the fence post, the lichens growing on it, and the contrasting pink and green colors of the vegetation. Roan Mountain is incredibly beautiful at that time of year. Even though it’s a bit out of the way, you really should visit in mid-June to enjoy the bloom.


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