Twin Domes

Twin Domes

Two domes as viewed from the Forum in Rome, Italy

Strolling through the Forum in Rome on a beautiful spring day was a bit of a surreal experience. I’ve viewed images of ancient Rome for years and thought I had an idea of what the city would look like. But, I was wrong. I just wasn’t prepared for the immensity of the ancient city. Nor was I prepared for the beauty of the architecture and the size of it.

I suppose I knew that the Colosseum was huge. After all, the word colossal is either derived from it or describes it. But, the rest of the buildings along the Forum were also colossal. Or, at least what was left of some of those buildings was colossal. And the quantity of those ancient buildings was overwhelming as well.

I’m not as current on my ancient Roman history as I should be, but I do know that many of the buildings along the route have played many roles. Whether they began as temples, palaces of entertainment, shopping centers, churches, or government buildings, most have changed functions several times. As a Christian, it was a bit overwhelming to see edifices such as the Colosseum and the martyr’s prison that were once used in the persecution of Christians now exhibiting crosses and dedicated to the glory of God. To walk the same roads that were used by Julius Caesar, Peter, Paul, and countless other notable historical figures was a powerful experience. It’s easy enough to read historical accounts and imagine the surroundings for those events. It’s quite another experience to walk the same streets and see some of the same buildings as those people did.

This image was taken during that stroll. To be honest, I don’t even know what buildings these are. I was just struck with the similarity of the domes standing side by side. The blue sky behind the partly cloudy skies added to the beauty of the scene.

We didn’t have nearly enough time in Rome. I’m looking forward to returning one day and spending a proper amount of time exploring and enjoying the ancient city. Ciao.



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