Stucco, Stairs, and Brick

Stucco, Stairs, and Brick

A building facade near the Forum in Rome, Italy

I’m always looking for patterns and colors that make interesting compositions. As we wandered through Rome, I saw many examples of everyday scenes that were beautiful to me. This image was taken just after we passed through the Forum walking toward the Pantheon. I’m not exactly sure of the street I was on and I certainly don’t know what building this is. I do know that I like the way the color of the brick and stucco complement each other, the texture of the stone in the stairs, and the overall color palette. I hope you enjoy it as well. Ciao.


One comment

  1. It’s funny, these old walls, like the one shown while you were in Rome, are finishes that people love and sometimes try to duplicate with newer stucco by adding a couple of different colors. There is no substitution for the original and pictures like these will continue to be an inspiration for many stucco contractors. Thanks for sharing Rick.


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