Door and Bicycle

Door and Bicycle

An ornate door and a bicycle parked at the entry to an office building in La Spezia, Italy

I didn’t really know what to expect from La Spezia. All I really knew was that its train station was only a short ride away from the Cinque Terre. But, as we walked quickly from the cruise terminal to the train station that morning, I could tell that it was a neat, little city. As it turned out, we had a leisurely hour or so to make our way back down from the train station to the cruise terminal in the late afternoon as we returned to our ship.

So, the streets that we had blazed through earlier in order to catch the first train to Riomaggiore we strolled through on the way home. Along the way, we were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful town with a mix of great shopping, appealing restaurants, and some interesting architecture. My long-suffering wife and friends allowed me to spend a few minutes composing images while they wandered off for a well-deserved late afternoon ice cream.

This image jumped out at me as soon as I entered the square opposite the train station. The bike made for a great contrast with the khaki colored walls and the ornate door was beautiful in its own right. I tried to capture the whole door in the image but it was simply too immense. My guess is that the entire door is about twenty feet tall and it is operational! I don’t know if the smaller inset door was installed out of necessity or design, but it certainly makes entry to the building much easier.

In the end I decided to sacrifice including the entire door in order to keep the scale of the bike and the operable door in proportion. I love that you can still see some of the ornate details of the door and the signage makes it apparent that this is an Italian scene. The blue bike just adds to the scene. It’s easy to imagine a worker or a customer riding up to the door and parking their bike there to enter through the smaller door.

There were several more interesting elements in La Spezia. I’ll see if those are worth posting and then we move on to Rome. Enjoy.




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