Vernazza from Above

Vernazza - horizontal

The beautiful Cinque Terre town of Vernazza as viewed from the trail to Corniglia

After prowling around the back alleys of Vernazza and hiking a bit of the trail to Monterosso, we headed for the top of the town. By going just past the street down to the train station, we were able to gain some elevation and actually started on the trail to Corniglia. I wanted to see what the angle from the western side of the town looked like.

Actually, I already had a pretty good idea of the view from there. One of the restaurants that we frequent has two beautiful photos of the Cinque Terre. For years I have stared at the details of those images while we waited for a table. I think the service staff must have thought I was nuts as I lingered in the lobby looking at those photos while our table was waiting for me.

In my research I realized that both images had been taken in Vernazza. Now, I was on my way to find the same vantage point I had observed for years in that restaurant lobby. It didn’t take long to find the overlook. As I’ve mentioned and you can see, the town isn’t that big. It’s pretty easy to find your way around and to figure out where the best views can be had.

As you can see, I was shooting in overcast conditions. The good news about those conditions is that I didn’t have to deal with lots of contrast. The bad news is that the sun makes the colors really pop and I didn’t have nearly enough sun to work with. Nonetheless, I set up my tripod and spent a happy hour or so making images. People came and went as the began or ended their hiking day. We even had a nice conversation with a lady from Australia who was soaking in the sights and waiting on her husband to make his way down the trail from Corniglia.

My only regret of the trip was that I couldn’t spend a few days here waiting for the right light. Something tells me this would be a fantastic sunset location. Oh well. I have a reason to return. I’m already looking forward to the trip. Enjoy.

Vernazza - vertical

The beautiful Cinque Terre town of Vernazza as viewed from the trail to Corniglia



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