Shades of Manarola

Shades of Manarola

Many shades of color are on display in the building facades of Manarola, Italy

I’ve been blogging about a trip that Pamela and I took to Spain, Italy and France recently. Specifically in the last few days I have been posting images from the Cinque Terre in northwest Italy. I had meant to move on from Manarola to the next town on the Cinque Terre but I decided to post one last image from picturesque Manarola.

With my other images, I was intent on including the sea in my composition. However, with this one, I wanted to showcase the variety of colors present in the houses. I don’t know the appropriate name for the color palette of the region but I like it. The colors are very warm and inviting and all seem to complement one another. I thought a tight shot of the facades of the homes of Manarola made for an interesting composition. One of my co-workers noted that this image would make for a good jigsaw puzzle. I totally agree. Enjoy.


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