Manarola, Italy

Manarola, Italy

Beautiful Manarola, Italy as viewed from the trail to Corniglia

I’ve already posted some shots from the streets of Manarola. Here’s one of the entire village. One great thing about the Cinque Terre villages is that they are connected by a series of trails. Whether you want to hike from one village to the next or you want to use the trail for a shorter hike, the views are always breathtaking. In Manarola, there were multiple trails that ultimately led to the trail to Corniglia – the next town north of Manarola.

Pamela and I walked up one of these trails and found a cemetery clinging to the cliff side. Next to the cemetery, there is an overlook that allows you to enjoy a perfect view of Manarola while being sheltered from the sun. We took some shots from there and then wandered further down the trail to seek some other vantage points.

That trail ultimately dead-ended into the trail to Corniglia. Although it would have been fun to make the hike, we simply didn’t have the time. So, we turned left instead to make our way to the last overlook to offer a view of Manarola. This image was taken from there.

I only wish I could have been there during golden hour. While I prefer an overcast day to a sunny one for this type of shot, the light was still a bit flat for my taste. It appears that this is a perfect sunset location. Oh well. That’s another reason to return one day soon. Enjoy.

Rick at Manarola

Portait taken at an overlook over Manarola, Italy



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