Manarola Door

Manarola Door

A weathered door in Manarola, Italy

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a location with rich architectural detail is to prowl the back streets and alleys looking for unique doors and windows. Manarola was certainly interesting architecturally and had a plethora of interesting doors and windows.


This one was on the main walkway above the seawall that protects the tiny village. My guess is that it has seen its share of sun, rain, and salty spray over the years. I don’t know how long the building has been there, but it isn’t hard to imagine generations of Manarolan families turning that door handle, propping the door open with their feet with an armload of groceries, or simply leaving the door open in order to capture the breeze on a hot summer evening.

The colors are compelling to me as well. The rust-orange stucco, granite door frame, and green door blend in seamlessly with the other architecture in Manarola. It’s a simple image, but a beautiful one all at the same time. Enjoy.



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