Cannes Carousel

Cannes Carousel

A colorful carousel in a park alongside the harbor in Cannes, France

Here are a couple more images from Cannes. The carousel above was in a park located on the main pedestrian walkway along the beachfront and harbor. I was drawn to the image because of the riot of color in the carousel. I took a few images while the carousel was stationary. I also tried panning my camera while it was moving hoping to get an image of a lion or tiger or bear (oh my!) relatively fixed with the background blurry. None of those came out and I started getting a few of those “Who is the guy with the camera taking a picture of the carousel while my child is riding on it?” looks from some of the local parents. I decided to move on.

The image below is found just outside the main train station. I don’t know who the aviator is or why it is significant to the city of Cannes, but the color and style of the sign juxtaposed with the parking garage color and a blue sky looked compelling to me. Next time we will move on to Monaco. Until then, enjoy!

Cannes Sign

A distinctive sign and clock affixed to a parking garage in Cannes, France


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