Cannes Harbor

Cannes Harbor Detail

Rowboats reflected in the harbor of Cannes, France

Although I enjoyed strolling through the streets of Cannes and I thought it was a pretty town, it felt much the same as other smaller European cities to me. At least that is the case for most of the town. But, it certainly wasn’t the case for the waterfront. Whereas in Barcelona, the harbor was large, commercial, and inaccessible, the waterfront in Cannes was beautiful, very accessible, and charming. As you can tell from this post, I found the harbor itself very appealing.

I passed by these small skiffs or rowboats several times as we walked from the cruise ship terminal into town. They caught me eye each time and I finally took a few minutes to capture this image and the one below. They certainly look like boats used to move back and forth from a fishing fleet, but I can’t say for certain that is their purpose. I can say with certainty that I like to photograph boats on water. I wish that I had a perfect reflection for this shot, but with the wind gusting as much as it was I was grateful to get this much of a reflection.

I’ll pass on a few more images from Cannes and Monaco before we move onto Italy. In the meantime, enjoy.

Boats in Cannes Harbor

Sailboats, skiffs, and other small craft in the harbor of Cannes, France



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