Cannes, France

The beautiful city of Cannes as viewed from its colorful waterfront

Our first port of call was Cannes, France. It was quite a treat to wake up just after dawn, look out our cabin window, and see the French coastline slowly passing by. Well, truth be told, we were passing slowly by the coast but it certainly felt like we were stationary and the landscape was on a conveyor belt. That’s how smooth the Mediterranean was on our journey.

Although our travel plans were for Monaco that day, we did walk a bit in Cannes to and from our train. I was able to capture a few images as a result. I’ll share several of those, but this one best conveys an overview of the city. The Splendid Hotel is one of many magnificent hotels that line the harbor front. The colorful boats in the foreground are part of a much larger fleet of sailboats, yachts, and fishing boats that occupy the harbor. The mountains in the background rise up to create a beautiful backdrop to the sun-splashed city. The white tents that you see in the image are set up for the Cannes Film Festival which occurred a week or so after we visited. I included another image I took on the streets of an incredible street performer apparently outfitted appropriately for the film festival – a human statue dressed as a projectionist who would awaken briefly given a few euros.

Cannes was a pretty little city. There were many more such towns that I wish I could have visited that we passed on our cruise ship or train. Oh well. That gives us a reason to return. Enjoy.

Cannes Human Statue

A human statue of a film projectionist in Cannes, France



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