A Benedictine abbey clings to the side of beautiful Montserrat near Barcelona, Spain

As you will be able to tell with this post, I’m pretty backlogged with images I want to share. I’m just now getting around to shots I took while on a trip to Europe with my wife this past April. We had the opportunity to travel to Spain, France, and Italy on a trip she earned with her company. I was happy to be a kept man for a week or so!

Our first stop was Barcelona. In order to stave off jet lag we dropped our bags off at our traveling companions’ hotel and headed straight to Montserrat. What a beautiful sight for the first stop on our trip. Fortunately, the rest of the sights were equally beautiful.

Montserrat is the name of the mountain and the abbey is Santa Maria de Montserrat. We reached this viewpoint by walking along a trail that leads from the abbey featured in this image along a trail carved into the mountainside. The trail leads to a large cross that is visible from the abbey. It was a bit of an effort after almost twenty-four hours with no more than a couple of hours of sleep, but the resulting image was worth the effort.

I look forward to sharing other images from our journey. I hope you enjoy following along.



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