Wesley House at Eden Gardens State Park

Wesley House at Eden Gardens State Park

Wesley House is an antebellum treasure located in Eden Gardens State Park in Walton County, Florida

I’ve written about this location before here. But, some spots are just worth visiting over and over again. Wesley House and Eden Gardens are an example of just such a location.

Although the house isn’t the absolute best expression of an antebellum home in existence, the surrounding grounds are breathtakingly beautiful. The combination makes for a great location to photograph. Given the right conditions, some beautiful images are possible.

I’ve visited this location two or three times before, but I’ve never been totally satisfied with my results. I really wanted some mostly cloudy to overcast conditions with no wind to get the shot I had in mind. Fortunately, the weather on this day cooperated. Cloudy skies would allow for relatively low contrast conditions and a lack of wind would allow for some long exposures which would maximize depth of field. These images were shot from a tripod with a Nikon D800 at f/16. Most of the exposures were 1/6 to 1/8 of a second. By blending images to bring out shadow detail and retain highlights, I was able to achieve the results I was looking for. I hope you enjoy the results as well.


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